Loans to Professional Athletes offers

  • Loans starting from $50,000 to those over $5,000,000 USD (Any higher than this and it will come with specialized stipulations)
  • Easy Approval Process
  • Customized Terms
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Quick Closings

As a company we understand and appreciate the need for specifically tailored hard money/private money services due to the varying lifestyles that professional athletes live. With this in mind, confidentiality is key; we will handle your supporting document and take care of your request with incredible discretion throughout the whole process of approval.

Loans to Professional Athletes is head and shoulders above its competition and leads its industry when it comes to capacity based and tailored money lending solutions catering to professional athletes. Through long-established relationships with both regional and small community lenders who handle hard money/private money solutions, Loans to Professional Athletes provides its athletes with bank originated and cost effective hard money/private lending; a service which is also open to other professionals in different fields of work.

We know how hard it is for young athletes to meet the criteria set out by a majority of the borrowing institutions due to their special borrowing needs, hence why we choose to focus on the education of the lenders involved in major sports on this exact issue; the unique requirements and needs of the athletes before any athlete approaches a lender for a hard money/private money loan. Through our education we work closely with many community lenders in order to implement an equally efficient and comprehensive credit policy that is solely based on quantifiable underwriting guidelines. As soon as we are approached by a player or their advisor, it then becomes our responsibility to ensure our underwriting meets the same guidelines we formulated with the help of the local institutions. Our main goal is the funding of approved hard money/private money lending requests within ten business days.

We don’t only provide our services to current active athletes; we also work closely with those in the process of retiring as well as those who are already retired. We will help you restructure your assets after you have received your large paychecks and completed your playing career. A lot of professional entertainers and athletes make that incredible transition from starting with little and then gaining enormous wealth leading to the acquisition of many valuable asserts that banks unfortunately do not value. When the time comes for these athletes to retire, or their contracts end they find themselves lost as they have to quickly re-adjust their lifestyles. At Loans to Professional Athletes our job is to provide these athletes and entertainers with bridge loans that are secured against asserts including high end cars, memorabilia, jewelry and art, with the aim of provide them with instant cash to help with the restructuring of their lives.

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