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Loans to Pro Athletes

At Loans to Professional Athletes our innovative loan model of hard money/private money lending is a fantastic way to build relationships with our clientele. Our loan practices make us a trusted source of help for professional athletes facing financial difficulties.

We are proud to have one of the best and most diverse hard money/private lending avenues available in sports today. This allows us to be very flexible in our terms of lending and gives us the chance to fund loans that our competitors can only be envious of. When lending, we consider each individual based on their own merit and circumstances. We provide ideal rates, while at the same time applying creative financing to many of the hard money/private loans we offer our clients. Our financing solutions are PROMPT, SIMPLE AND STRESS FREE.

Loans to Professional Athletes delivers customized hard money/private short-term loans to professional athletes who have signed contracts with any team in any of the American professional leagues.If you have signed with the National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) or Major League Soccer (MLS), we have you covered.

We not only provide services to professional athletes. Financial advisors, as well as business managers, are more than welcome to discuss with us their financial needs in regards to our hard money/private money model. Our underwriting is very simple and generally takes two to three business days once we have found a loan to suit you. Any loan under $250,000 is generally funded within a week of approval.

Loans to Professional Athletes offers:

  • Loans starting from $50,000 to those over $5,000,000* USD
  • Easy Approval Process
  • Customized Terms
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Quick Closings

*Any loan higher than $5,000,000 will come with specialized stipulations.

As a company we understand and appreciate the need for specifically tailored hard money/private money services that professional athletes require. With this in mind, confidentiality is key. We manage your supporting documentation and request with the utmost discretion throughout the entire approval process.

Loans to Professional Athletes is the industry leader when it comes to capacity-based and tailored money- lending solutions for professional athletes. Long-established relationships with regional and small community lenders who offer hard money/private money solutions allows us to provide our clients with bank-originated and cost-effective hard money/private loans. This service is also available to other professionals as well.

We know it's difficult it is for young athletes to meet the criteria established by the majority of the lenders due to their unique circumstances. Therefore, we focus on educating lenders involved in major sports on these issues. We work closely with many community lenders in order to implement an equally efficient and comprehensive credit policy that is solely based on quantifiable underwriting guidelines. When we are approached by a player or their advisor, it then becomes our responsibility to ensure our underwriting meets those guidelines. Our main goal is the funding of approved hard money/private money lending requests within ten business days.

Our services are available to all athletes, whether you're active or retired. We can help you restructure your assets after you have received your final paycheck and completed your playing career. Many professional  athletes make that incredible transition from starting with little to enormous wealth, often leading to the acquisition of many valuable assets. Unfortunately, banks do not value these things. When the time comes for these athletes to retire, or their contracts end, they find themselves lost. They have to quickly re-adjust their lifestyles. At Loans to Professional Athletes our job is to provide these athletes with bridge loans that are secured against assets. These can include high-end cars, memorabilia, jewelry and art, with the aim of provide them with instant cash to help with the restructuring of their lives.

Why Professional Athletes Need Loans

The main reason why professional athletes seek a loan is ambition, despite their multi-million dollar contracts.

A lot of professional athletes get drafted straight out of college and on average will be retired by the age of 33. At such a young age, these excessive amounts of money lead to extravagant spending with little or no savings or investments. This means all, or almost all, of their money is spent before they receive their next paycheck.

The Current Market in Sports Lending

Lending in sports is not a new business. It's been in place since the beginning of professional sports.

The handful of companies currently lending to athletes charge incredibly high fees and often require them to sign a payment agreement. These agreements can include rates of 30% the first year with a drastic increase in the second.

How Loans to Professional Athletes intends to Improve the World of Sports Lending

Our very simple and innovative lending model means we only lend against a portion of the athlete’s contract that is guaranteed.

A few of our key differentiators are:

  • Fair rates proportional to the collateral.
  • Fast application processing / funding.
  • Payoff of mortgages and other high interest loans.

To submit an application for funding, email your contact information to:

info@loanstoprofessionalathletes.com or call us at 877-281-0678.