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Why Professional Athletes Need Loans

The main reason why professional athletes, despite their contracts worth multi-million dollars, still seek out a loan is ambition.

A lot of professional athletes get drafter straight out of college and on average should be retired by 33 years old. At such a young age, these excessive amounts of money lead to very extravagant spending with little saving or investments. This means all or almost all of their money is spent before they receive their next paycheck

The Current Market in Sports Lending

Lending in sports is not a new culture and has been in place since the beginning of professional sports.

The issue with the handful of companies lending to athletes at the moment is the fact that they normally charge the athlete incredibly high fees and sometimes require them to sign a payment agreement that sometimes two years or over, charging extremely high rates of more than 30 per cent just for the first year with a look to increasing it in the second.

How Loans to Professional Athletes intends to Improve the World of Sports Lending

Our very simple and innovative lending model means we only lend against a portion of the athlete’s contract that is guaranteed.

A few of our key differentiators are:

  • Fair rates are proportional to the collateral.
  • Very fast turn around and funding
  • Payoff of mortgages and other high interest loans
  • For a Quick Application for Funding email your contact information and name to info@loanstoprofessionalathletes.com.
  • Alternatively call us on 877-281-0678!

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